428034_10151195989610461_749620493_nThanks for visiting. You’ve arrived at the spot where I log most of my professional experience and a few of my personal interests.

I’ve enjoyed tinkering with my own website since 2005, back when that was still cool. I wanted to know how websites worked. I went on to learn HTML, WordPress, Flash and all sorts of nerdy web pursuits. My thirst for tech knowledge was further encouraged when I landed a sales position at a technology company in 2005. I spent months just learning about web connection types, EDI, data integration, XML/CSV formats, accounting systems, Perl scripts, database architecture and so on. Heart-pumping stuff, I know.

Curiosity is likely the reason I got into sales. Getting to know the people I work with, colleagues or customers, is important to me. I’m interested in where their careers have taken them and why. That understanding gives me clarity on how I can help or collaborate with them best.

I have a rich background in selling services (versus products). When a company provides an ongoing service, the expectation to develop healthy relationships with customers is higher. It’s even more critical to work tightly with internal people on consistent delivery. I love being graded on customer satisfaction. I think this is a key way to measure my performance and value to my company.

One of my main priorities is to work within business cultures that are open, collaborative and built on trust. When an executive team is open to exploring the limits of possibility, I find that problems are solved faster and customer satisfaction is high. In my experience, this takes visionary leaders and creative thinkers. I really enjoy working with those folks.

Why cake and beer, you ask?

It’s pretty straightforward. I chose this domain name because cake and beer are two of my favorite things, especially when they’re combined. I come from a long line of family members with a sweet tooth. Capturing that in my site is my nod to them and to simple pleasures.

Fun fact: I’m renown for making Ugly Cakes. They taste great, but I need a little help in the decorating department…Happy New Year cake, 2014

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